Welcome to Ivory Tip Outfitters located in Craig Colorado

One of the greatest destinations for any avid hunter! NW Colorado is known for being the Elk Hunting Capital of the World. Ivory Tip Outfitters staff with over 30 years of combined guiding experience is well equipped to make sure your hunt is successful.

A big game hunt for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope or Mountain Lion will be a lifetime memory for you and your companions. All Elk hunts, Mule Deer hunts and Antelope hunts are fair chase and conducted on 20,000+ acres of unfenced, private land with tightly controlled access.

The ranch participates in Colorado’s Ranching for Wildlife program so hunters are guaranteed a tag upon booking their hunt and are permitted to use a bow, rifle or muzzleloader. Hunting dates for Elk and Mule Deer range from September 7th through December 19th allow hunters to experience the excitement of calling bull Elk in range during the fall rut or the unique opportunity to harvest an Elk or Deer while still in velvet.. As well as hunting Mule Deer in the prime of the rut.  Our hunters also have the chance to hunt Elk and Mule Deer as they migrate down from high elevations in November and December. Antelope hunting dates range from August 15th through October 2nd.

The Hunting lodge is located a short drive from the hunting area. The Lodge includes all the comforts of home along with home cooked meals prepared by one of our chefs.

We look forward to hosting you and your hunting companions on your future hunting adventures!